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Hey, if you know me, you know I hate fumbling with clunky or complicated software, trying to build a website that ends up a mess. 
But when you start outsourcing all your website building, the costs really start to stack up, right? 

The best part is: This is actually TWO website builders in one! 
Each component has a long list of great features, but I’ll try to list the most useful ones here: 

Part 1: EzyLandingPages: 

This site builder helps you create drop-dead gorgeous landing pages (and even VIDEO landing pages) with a handful of mouse clicks.

It makes it easy to put an opt-in form on your landing page, so your visitors can sign up to your email list, which is great because…

It comes with a built-in autoresponder! This means you can schedule automated emails to go out to your subscribers, selling them whatever you want

Check out the cool webinar that’s right on the page here, which shows you step-by-step how to create a video landing page in minutes

They allow you to have unlimited subscribers without charging you any extra (unlike every single other autoresponder out there… $$$)

And you even get a generous 5,000-per-month email allowance included in the price… plus lifetime web hosting! Incredible, right? 

OK, so here’s... 

Part 2: EzyWebsiteBuilder: 

This is powerful software indeed - professional pages & sites in just minutes without any tech or coding skills required at all

Pro tip: EzyWebsiteBuilder makes mobile-responsive sites - which is crucial with more and more people visiting your sites on their tablets and smart phones

Simply drag and drop customizable elements like Pricing Tables, Testimonial Templates, Images and even Video Placeholders to create stunning sites that will wow your customers

Built-in image editor, social media integration, autoresponder integration, even a fully fledged Contact Manager (!) this really is the complete package

If you can drag something from one area of your screen, and drop in another area, you can quickly and easily build amazing websites FAST

Blogging is a great way to get traffic and build your business - and YES there’s also a very easy-to- use Blog Creator included as well. If you can create a post on Facebook, then you have the skills to create a blog

Phew! Those lists are even longer than I expected… and I’ve only mentioned a few of the awesome features. And the guys set it all up for you so you’re ready to rock quickly. 

Remember: you don’t need to sign up for a 3rd party autoresponder service, or even web hosting - it’s all included in the price which is right here.

This is far more affordable than most of the other products the ‘gurus’ promote all the time. In fact you could start your $1 trial, build a bunch of gorgeous, high-converting sites, and be in business within hours or even minutes! 

And it’s more affordable than just about anything else on the market, especially with your 25% off coupon code: ILOVEC

So redeem yours here before it’s too late >> 

- Erik

P.S. As you know I only recommend something I’m personally using - and so far I’m LOVING EzyWebsiteBuilder. It does almost everything you could hope for, it includes everything you need (even HOSTING, can you believe that?) and it’s priced at a fraction of the others. So take a look now before the deal ends >> 

P.P.S. The HOSTING is for your own domain or you can get the guys to register a new domain for you for a tiny extra fee. This means that YOUR Websites and Landing Pages will be hosted on YOUR domain NOT theirs. There is NO EzyMarketer branding on anything which is another feature that I love because you are building YOUR brand and NOT theirs!


Building A Website (Landing Page, Funnel, etc) Has Never Been So EZY