ATTENTION: FutureAdpro is going through server updates and the platform may not be working 100%.
This team site needs to be updated (coming soon) with new info and videos about the new features.
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Dear Users,

FutureAdPro is still going strong and being better than ever! Due to the launch of the new FAP, we will shut down the old platform on January 15th, 2019. The only reason for turning the platform off for some time, where depositing and withdrawing money will be impossible, is the fact that we have to conduct a large scale data migration. All in order to be properly prepared for the launch of the new AdPro. After the migration, you will have access to the archives of your transactions and everything will go back to normal. Keep calm, this is the last step before the brand new FutureAdPro comes in full glory!

We truly appreciate you and are very thankful for your patience <3

FutureAdPro Team


Some very critical changes coming to our FutureAdpro business.. We must prepare for that.. Let's see them briefly :

*1.* It's time to launch pretty much same platform but revitalized, I would say New Logo coming

*2.* More secure and reliable platform coming... using latest technology which micro services like Uber Netflix etc are using

*3.* Mandatory to advertise.. U have to use ur adpack views within 7 days either advertising your website or sales page or 
if u don't have anything to Adv then use any of 3 Adv temp provided by company itself

*4.* Targeted Advertising

*5.* *Team commission qualifications introduced means to get ref commission u have to have certain adpacks purchased like

1 Adpack - get commission from only 10 adpacks of ur frontliners

5 Adpack - get benefit 25

20 Adpck- get benefit 100

50 Adpck- get benefit 250

100 Adpack - get full benefit from 1000 Adpack of ur frontliners

*6* Optional status qualification is as usual but u must have 5 Frontliners to get 5 level ref commisssiins

*7.* Mendatory 5% Contribution going to Advertising account is waived and now 10% will goto Matrix.. ur Advertising balances will stay and still u can use them

*8.* Seems Getting paid every 15 Min back instead of every 30

*9.* Withdrawal only to FTO.. No more bitcoin ETH etc. This will greatly increase FuturoCoin Price.

*10.* Internal chat for Adpro users while watching any ad and also can create group in Adpro

*11.* Fast photo Ad.. For businesses that don't have website

*12.* Contest coming for beta testers of new Adpro platform top 3 will who watch most no of ads will get 0.25, 0.5 and 1 btc.. Next 7 will get reward in FTO 5 to 100

*13.* If you Login daily watch 10 ads for 30 days a month.. You can win prizes for top 20....

1x100 FTO, 3x50 FTO, 5x25 FTO and 10 prizes of 15 FTO


FutureNet News & Update - July/August 2018

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And finally, get the news about... Future Adpro II - the new social media platform, which will be presented in Macau 💥🎁

What else? Check the video now!

Did you know ? 

When you register your first account with either
FutureNet or FutureAdPro, you will have access to each & any business platform by FN;
your wallets are also with your same login name and password. =) 

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