What To Do Now?

Complete The Following Simple Steps:

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Step 1
Install Telegram App

You must Download & Install the Telegram App to your Phone first via the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

You can then install Telegram on your Computer if you wish.

Click Here to Download Telegram to your Computer.

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Step 2
Install All 4 Bots

1. Add Me To Your Telegram Account
When you have installed Telegram Messenger on your Mobile Phone, click on the “Search” icon and search for “krypto_et” and add me to your Telegram Account. or simply Click Here to add me

2. Message Me On Telegram
When you have done that, send me a message via Telegram so I can send you the 4 BOTS directly to your Telegram Account.

You will then be set up and ready to fund your Bots.

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Step 3
Deposit BCH, LTC, BTC or ETH

Your investment returns all come from the same pool of funds regardless of which Bot you use. The only difference is the value of your investment is stored in either BTC, LTC or ETH. The same with your Returns, they are paid to you in the same currency.

One of the great reasons to use Litecoin instead of Bitcoin or Ethereum is that it is so inexpensive and you can deposit from as little as 0.1 LTC, meaning that it is affordable to everyone. ie. If LTC is only $200 per coin, then 0.1 is only $20.


Do You Want To Take Your Crypto Business To The Next Level?

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Step 4
Join Our Marketing Team

 ** Optional But Highly Recommended **

If you are serious about building a great Crypto Business, then we invite you to join our Exclusive Done For You Marketing Team.

Click On The "Marketing Kit" Tab On The Top Menu For More Information.

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Step 5
Share With Your Friends

iCenter has a very generous Referral Program that pays 4 levels deep for the LTC and ETH Bots. 3 levels deep for the BTC Bot.
You will earn an instant commission paid directly into your account that you can withdraw or reinvest at any time you have accumulated at least 0.1LTC. Commissions are paid for every deposit and re-deposit in your group 4 levels deep.

Here Is The Breakdown:
1st Level: 10%
2nd Level: 3%
3rd Level: 1%
4th Level: 1% (For LTC & ETH Only)

Note: No recruiting or sponsoring is required to earn the 6 hourly Bot payments on your investment.

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Step 6
Reinvest Your Returns

iCenter has a very unique approach by paying us every 6 hours. That means that we can reinvest up to 4 times per day, 7 days per week and really capitalize on compounding our returns.

Albert Einstein is credited with saying: “Compound Interest is the 8th Wonder of the World... 
He who Understands it EARNS it... 
He who doesn't PAYS it!” 

Simply click on the "Reinvest" button on your iCenter Lite Bot to Re-invest your Returns.

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How To Install The Bots

1. Add Me To Your Telegram Account
When you have installed Telegram Messenger on your Mobile Phone, click on the “Search” icon and search for “krypto_et” and add me to your Telegram Account.

2. Message Me On Telegram
When you have done that, send me a message via Telegram so I can send you the 3 BOTS directly to your Telegram Account.

You will then be set up and ready to fund your Bots.

No Video As I will Guide You When You Connect With Me On Telegram

How To Purchase Litecoin

You need to register with a Litecoin Wallet Provider to Purchase Litecoin.

The above video demonstrates how to Purchase Litecoin using ABC. Each Wallet Provider is different but in principle, the the process is the same.

Click on the "Wallet Provider" link on the top menu to see our recommended Wallet Providers.

How To Deposit Litecoin

1. Open iCenter Lite Bot
2. Enter "/start" into Message Section
3. Select Preferred Language
4. Tap "Deposit"
5. Copy the LTC Address on screen
6. Enter LTC Address into your LTC Wallet using the Wallet Provider of your choice
7. Send a minimum of 0.1 LTC to the LTC Address in Step 5 above
8. Transfer will appear in your Bot shortly

How To Reinvest

Click on the "Reinvest" button on your iCenter Lite Bot to Reinvest your Returns.

Both the Returns on your Investment plus Commissions for Referrals are combined into your Balance which can be partially or fully Reinvested.

Note: The video demonstrates how to Reinvest in your LTC Bot. You follow the same instructions to Reinvest in your BTC and ETH Bots.

How To Withdraw

Click on the "Withdraw" button on your iCenter Lite Bot to Withdraw part or all of your Balance.

Then follow the instructions on the Bot to set your Withdrawal Address.

Note: The video demonstrates how to Withdraw from your LTC Bot. You follow the same instructions to Withdraw from your BTC and ETH Bots.

How To Get Referral Link

Follow the simple Step-By-Step instructions in the video above.

Do not forget to get ALL 4 Referral Links:
1. LTC Bot
2. BTC Bot
3. ETH Bot
4. BCH Bot

Note: The video demonstrates how to get your LTC & BTC Referral Links but not the new ETH & BCH Referral Link. You simply do exactly the same thing to get all your Referral Links.

How Do We Earn ?

How Does iCenter Pay Out So Much & What Do We REALLY Earn Per Month?


 The first question that always comes to mind when looking at such opportunities is, "Is this another scam?", which is a valid question given the online environment these days. On this question I recommend to watch the webinar replay if you haven't. Do Your Research!

Q1. How does the iCenter LTC Bot Work?
A1. The bot pays 0.35% on your deposit every 6 hours, for a total of 1.4% daily for 99 days. When you deposit or re-deposit, you start a new 99 day contract. Every time you are paid, you receive some interest and some principal so at the end of the 99 days, you will have been paid in full. To take full advantage of the opportunity is to compound your interest up to 4 times a day. You can  re-deposit every time your balance gets to 0.1. You can re-deposit or withdraw any time your balance gets to 01.

Q2. Where are Our Funds Invested?
A2. iCenter diversifies our funds into different Crypto Platforms such as Trading and Mining as well as Forex Trading and Sports Betting Arbitrage. Over 20 Unofficial Partners are used to minimize our risk.

Q3. Is This a Ponzi Scheme ?
A3. Please Refer to this article for a full explanation on why this is not a ponzi.

Q4. I can not find my Menu Bar, what do I do?
A.4 On the right of the message box you will find a square icon with 4 dots. Click on it and the Menu will reappear.

Q5. My Balance is not Updating, what do I do?
A5. Click on your Balance and it will update. If it doesn't, restart the Bot.

Q6. My Bot seems to have Frozen, how do I restart it?
A6. Type /start in the Message Bar and hit Enter

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You've probably noticed by now, we are not the usual BOT!

The different between iCenter and all the other BOT’s... we are not just a BOT... we are iCenter, we actually do what we say, we actually invest peoples money in our partners! 

iCenter is Not!

  • HYIP – we actually invest in our partners and earn returns from them, we even give full reports   about money coming in and going out!
  • SCAM – everyone receives what they are due almost instantly when they request.
  • PONZI – Our returns come from the partners we invest in, not from the money people deposit.
  • PYRAMID – anyone can be the top earner, no matter what stage you come in with investment or without!
  • iCenter is very different from anything else around, we are not just “another Bot” ? and for sure we will stay for longer than 5 years!
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Let's Make It Happen!!!

Congratulations again for joining us! 

Let's keep things moving and get some great momentum. 

Whether you only want to earn a great DAILY Passive Income or if you want to build a Gigantic Global Network, we are here to help. We will move as fast or as slow as you want. This is all about YOU so we will work at YOUR pace! 

But first things first, get some LTC, BTC or ETH earning you a great Daily Profit as there is NOTHING like seeing the Daily Profits pour into your own account every 6 hours...

We have an AWESOME TEAM who are all committed to work together and help each other as we ALL believe that the more we help each other, the more we ALL THRIVE!

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Contact Me NOW so I can teach you Step-by-Step how to get started. 

It really is simple!

Add me on FutureNet!
Email: info@dailycryptoprofits.win
Phone: We can talk on Futurenet or Telegram if need be
Webinars: Join me on our Weekly Webinars (Tues 8pm Sydney Aus Time)
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