FutureNet's Opportunity? 

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It Certainly Is...


Activate Your Perpetual Traffic Plan for Success

The Sign Up Process Is Very Simple... Get people to watch our Webinar Replay and then cut and paste the text below into FB Messenger or Email or however you are corresponding with your Prospect. Make sure you edit the info to make it relevant and replace my Links with YOURS!


Hi Mr Prospect

Great to see that you have watched our Webinar Replay.

Pretty powerful concept eh!

Do you have any questions?

I am here if you need any help to get up and running.

Looking forward to working this with you Mate!

Kind Regards as always


P.S. Here are all the details if you are ready to get started now:

Step 1: Install BannersApp on your Mobile Phone

You can download it from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store

Step 2: 

Step 3: 

Please confirm that they have installed in your Telegram Account and then I can direct you to our Team Website where you can view all of my Training Videos that teach you how to Fund your Bots, How To Reinvest and How To Withdraw etc etc


When your prospect confirms that they have installed the 3 Bots, you can check in your Telegram to see that they are now in your TEAM. Then send them the following:

Well done and Welcome to the Team

Next step is to fund your LTC Bot

Go to our Team Website: as I have videos on there that show you Step-By-Step how to do it.

DO NOT FORGET that you have to send LTC to your LTC Bot

DO NOT send BTC to your LTC Bot or your BTC will disappear in cyberspace and you will never be able to recover them.

Yell out if you need any help.


Note: If you join our Marketing Team, you will have our Team Website on YOUR DOMAIN and you can simply replace my sign up links with yours.


Here are some other important information that you can share with your prospects:


Great Article About Litecoin

Facebook Marketing

Click Here To See Some Of My Facebook Posts 
You can simply tweak my wording to suit your personality

Very Successful Strategy ~ $1 Litecoin ~ Pay It Forward Campaign
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$1 Litecoin Gift

A very successful Litecoin marketing campaign for Facebook is to offer people $1 of FREE Litecoin so they can experience how Litecoin works.

This can easily be tweaked for ETH & BTC  

Check out this stunning looking Landing Page that can be added to the bottom of Facebook Posts. That Landing Page is part of EzyMarketer's Marketing Kit.

The information below is the entire flow of how the $1 of FREE Litecoin works. Simply follow the steps and cut & paste the info into Facebook Messenger or Email, depending on how you are replying to your Prospect. 

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$1 Litecoin ~ Pay It Forward Campaign Script

The concept of this Campaign is to give people $1 of Litecoin for FREE so they can see how it works. It is an awesome prospecting tool to build your iCenter Business.

Offer everyone that you speak with $1 of Litecoin for FREE and you will be amazed at how many people are interested in knowing more.

Facebook is an awesome place to use this Campaign.

Step 1: Facebook Post

Adapt the following wording to suit your personality and market conditions. Write the same way that you would normally write stuff on Facebook so they your Friends can see it is you writing it and then you won't seem weird! :-)

Pictures tell 1,000 words so always make sure you include pictures on all Facebook Posts. You can download pictures from Google Images or any of the other free picture sites.


Spare a few mins to read this, you’ll thank me later… :-)

No doubt you have seen so much about Bitcoin and you will hear more and more and more as it is taking the world by storm. Crypto Currencies are the future of currency!

A friend of mine gave me $1 of Bitcoin to get me started but I was too busy to really pay attention to it. Of course I gratefully accepted the dollar. When something is FREE, how can you say "No"? :-). 

Then a client paid me $100 in Bitcoin and another client paid me USD$2,000 in Bitcoin. 

Note: Write your own story to replace the one above

So, to pay it forward, I am giving the first 10 people who say: “I want to learn” in the comments below, $1 of Bitcoin, Litecoin or Ethereum to help you get started.

$1 of bitcoin 8 years ago is now worth millions so please be sure to remember this as the $1 I give you could very well be worth a lot of money to you in the future! 

If you want to learn more about Bitcoin, Litecoin or Ethereum, message me and I’ll give you the details of an incredible Webinar Replay that will teach all you need to know about how Crypto Currencies work and how you can capitalize on it.

As you know, there are only 2 ways to make money:

1. You work for Money

2. Your money works for YOU.

BTW, do not deem this as financial advice, I am purely helping you by giving you $1 of Bitcoin, Litecoin or Ethereum for FREE, just like my friend did to me. Paying it forward… 

Step 2: Reply To Posts

When someone replies to your Post, simply reply with the following:

Great “INSERT NAME”, I will send you a Private Message shortly. Check your FB Messenger.

Step 3: Send A Private Message On FB Messenger

Send the following to the enquirer on FB Messenger

Great to see you take action with my FB Post “INSERT NAME” and wanting to learn more about Crypto Currencies.

First things first, you need to open what is known as a “Wallet” which is like an Online Bank Account that you can not only access Online but via a Mobile App.

Step 1: Open a FREE Bitcoin/Litecoin/Etherium Wallet

Depending on which Country you live in will depend on which Wallet Provider I suggest you join.

Australian Citizens

To Open A FREE CoinSpot Account, click on this link:

New Zealand Citizens

To Open A FREE CoinMama Account, click on this link:

Other Citizens

To Open A FREE CoinBase Account, click on this link:

Replace the above Referral Links with yours!

It only takes a matter of minutes to open your account.

Let me know when you have your Account open and I will teach you the next step.

As we progress through each Step, everything will all fit together and make sense.

Instead of bombarding you with so much information, I have found that it works best by guiding you Step-By-Step.

I will work with you at YOUR pace.

If you want to progress fast… I can keep up! 😃 If you want to move slow, that is fine too. If I ever push too fast, then tell me to

slow down as my speed is my enthusiasm due to it working so well for me and so many others that I have taught.

Looking forward to working with you and making 2018 an awesome year!


When they message you back advising that they have opened their accounts, send them the following:

Well done “INSERT NAME” and welcome to the Bitcoin, Litecoin or Ethereum Club! :-)

You’ve officially taken your first step towards joining this digital revolution.

The next step is to log into your Bitcoin, Litecoin or Ethereum Wallet Account and send me your "Wallet Address".

Each Wallet Provider is different but they all work similar.

Here is what to do if you opened a CoinBase Account:

Click on “Accounts” tab on the top centre of the CoinBase Dashboard and you will see your BTC, :TC or ETH Wallet.

Click on “Receive” in your BTC, LTC or ETH Wallet and you will see you "Wallet Address" which is a long string of Numbers and Letters like this example: 18zGdYmhL68X7m8EAoYhw7w3NqwHXgtVyf

Please send your "Wallet Address" to me ensuring that you cut and paste it 100% accurately.

I can then transfer some money to your Bitcoin, Litecoin or Ethereum Wallet so you can see how it works.


The Following Is A Chain Of Responses


When they message you back with their "Wallet Address", send them $1 from your Wallet and then send them the following message:

Refresh your browser, check your Bitcoin/Litecoin/Ethereum Account and tell me what you see :-)


When they message you back , send them the following message (of course adjust the message to suit the way that you would normally talk to them):

You owe me 2 beers now Mate! :-)

To receive Bitcoin/Litecoin/Ethereum is as simple as what you just did. You give someone your “Bitcoin/Litecoin/Ethereum Wallet Address” and they send the Bitcoin/Litecoin/Ethereum to that address.

To send Bitcoin/Litecoin/Ethereum to people, you get the person's “Bitcoin/Litecoin/Ethereum Wallet Address” and then you select “Send” from your Bitcoin/Litecoin/Ethereum Wallet.


When they message you back , send them the following message (of course adjust the message to suit the way that you would normally talk to them):

Pretty cool eh!

Now comes the real exciting stuff...

Click on the link below to watch our Webinar Replay so you can learn how we make money with Bitcoin/Litecoin/Ethereum... YOU WILL LOVE IT!!!


So that is it, that is how our "$1 Bitcoin/Litecoin/Ethereum ~ Pay It Forward Campaign" works. You have the exact same script that I personally use!

You can Cut and Paste the script into a word doc so you can quickly and easily reply to people who enquire on your Facebook Posts.

If you are a Member of our Marketing Team, then you will receive the "Share Code" to the Opt-In Page that not only puts a lot of this process on Auto-Pilot, it makes you look very professional. Remember, your "Friends" are going to be seeing you in different eyes now that you have immersed yourself into this incredible Crypto Currency Opportunity so the more professional you appear to them, the better for you to be able to build your iCenter Business!

Note: With the Bitcoin Blockchain slowing down and fees escalating, you might want to send Litecoin or Ethereum, instead of Bitcoin. Before, we could send $1 of Bitcoin for a few cents/pennies but the other day, I went to send $1 and the fee was going to be more than $20. It is crazy to spend $20 to send $1. You can easily explain this to your Prospect as the principle of giving them $1 of Bitcoin or $1 of Litecoin or Ethereum is the same. Personally, I prefer to use Litecoin as the fees are really cheap and the transfers are lightning fast!