Are You Ready To Take Your Business
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Without Frustration, Without "Tech Overwhelm" or Without Ever Having To Learn Complicated "Web Stuff"!!!

In 5 Minutes From Now, You Will Be Able To:

1. Manage Your iCenter Investments
With Our iCenter Investment Tracker & Crypto Compounder
2. Grow Your Crypto Business
With Our 12 Sales Funnels

YES I'm Ready, BUT "What Do I Do?"

If You Are Serious About Building A Great iCenter Business, Then We Invite You To Join Our Exclusive Marketing Team!

You will receive not 2, not 3, not even 7 Sales/Marketing Funnels but a Whopping 12 Webpages & Opt-In Landing Pages all "Plug and Play" ready for you to simply add your Photo and Contact Details. 

Ok, if you're too busy, we can totally personalize them all for you with your Photo and Contact Details for a tiny fee to cover our Designer's time! 

We totally get it, let us do what we do best and free up your time to let you do what you do best, right?

CHECK THIS OUT... (Examples Only!)




Team Website

This is our Team Website


New Member Welcome


What Is Litecoin?


Litecoin vs Bitcoin


Webinar Replay


Compounding Your Returns


How Much Do We Really Earn


$1 Of Litecoin Giveaway


Bohemian Litecoin


Listening To Friends (Skit)


Happy Birthday Promotion


iCenter Compounder

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"You can totally do this" (yes I mean you!). This is the most comprehensive but simple program for creating Sales and Marketing Funnels that can give your Network Marketing Business explosive growth that you'll ever likely encounter. 

If you've got the passion, we have the path!


Crypto Compounder

Our Exclusive "Crypto Compounder" enables you to quickly and EZY'ly project your Earnings and devise your Investment Strategy by combining both ReInvesting and Withdrawals for Daily Cashflow.

How much will my Invest be worth in 1 Year if I do not make any Withdrawals and Compound Every Day? 

How much will my Investment be worth in 1 Year if I Reinvest 50% and Withdraw 50% Daily?

iCenter Investment Tracker

Our Exclusive "iCenter Investment Tracker" enables you to not only track all of your iCenter Contracts but you can see at a glance all of the current information pertaining to your Investment.

Important information like, "Total Amount Invested", "Amount Received To Date", "Amount To Be Received", "Total Profit", "Total Commissions" and the "Total Withdrawals". 

All of the information that you need to manage your iCenter Investment!

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But When Do You Follow-Up?

So we set up all of your Sales and Marketing Funnels for you and you send your Prospects to watch your promotional or training videos which they have to opt in to watch but When Do You Follow Up?

That's EZY... 

EzyMarketer takes all of the guess work out of your Follow-Up as you will receive an email the moment your Prospect opts in to watch your video and another email the moment they have finished watching it. 

Yeh, pretty cool, now YOU have Total Control over your Follow-Up!


You can set an Autoresponder, (that's an automatic email) to be sent to your Prospect the moment they have finished watching your video so you can work Smarter & not Harder by letting technology do the grunt work of your follow up!

Check Out The Impressive Features
Of Our Built-In Contact Manager
(Included In Our One Simple Plan)

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Contact Lists

EzyContactManager is a full-on CRM (Client Relationship Manager) so you can create UNLIMITED Contact Lists that automatically stores your Prospects' details that you capture from your Websites and Landing Pages to enable you to follow up.

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When a Prospect Opts-In to your Website or Landing Page, you can Automatically send them UNLIMITED Scheduled Autoresponders to constantly Follow-Up. 

Gone are the days of getting home from work too tired to send your Follow-Up Emails as EzyMarketer does all of the Follow-Up Grunt Work for you!

Newsletter Creator

EzyContactManager enables you to Create Awesome looking Newsletters to send to your Prospects/Clients. We have pre-designed templates available for you to chose from or you can Create your own Custom Template to suit your Business/s.

product image
product image

Send Emails

EzyContactManager's Cutting Edge Email Servers ensure market leading email delivery. You receive 5,000 email credits each month with your EzyMarketer All Inclusive One-Simple-Plan. You can send emails Immediately or you can schedule them for a future date.

Now you can devote maybe Saturday Morning to create all of your Emails and or Newsletters to send to your Team, Clients or Prospects for the following week. Again... Working Smarter and not Harder by embracing Cutting Edge Technology to do the Grunt Work for you!


To be a Professional Networker or Professional in any profession that involves sales, you need to know some core Statistics like, Has my Prospect Watched my Video? Has my Prospect Opened my Email? Or has my Prospect Subscribed to my Blog?

EzyMarketer tracks many Statistics to enable you to keep on top of your Business. How can you possibly run a profitable business when you have no idea of the basic stuff like if your Prospect has watched your Video or opened your Emails? 

EzyMarketer Does Not Cost, It PAYS!!!

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What If I Want To Build Extra Websites Or Landing Pages?


Build UNLIMITED Webpages, Landing Pages & Blogs
On Build UNLIMITED Webpages, Landing Pages & Blogs

Hosting of 1 Domain is included in our "All In One Simple Package" but if you want to add extra Domains to your EzyMarketer Account, you can add UNLIMITED Domains for Only $20 Each. 

That means that you can build UNLIMITED Stunning Websites and Landing Pages for EVERY Domain that you Host with us WITHOUT increasing our extremely low All-In-One Subscription Plan.

Did Someone Mention Blogs

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All Of The World's TOP Networkers Utilize Blogs

Creating a Blog is soooo EZY with EzyMarketer's Cutting Edge Blog Creator!

A Professional Blog will show Your Team, Clients & Prospects how serious you are about your Business.

You will be amazed at how Quick and Ezy it is to manage your Blog as you embrace the advanced features like Subscriptions where subscribers receive and email advising them that you have made a Blog Post, Social Sharing so your Subscribers can share your Posts on their Social Networks, giving your Blog FREE Organic Traffic, Adesense Scripts that can generate your extra passive income, Image Adds that you can link to Affiliate Sites, your Products or embed your iCenter Bot Links for Easy Signups, add Videos and Images to your Blog Posts and last but by no means least.... Scheduled Posts where you can gang up a series of Blog Posts to automatically Post at your pre-determined time. This is awesome if you want to spend, say, a Saturday morning creating your Blog Posts for the following week. You can quickly and easily write and schedule a Daily Post for every day of the following week.

Again... Working Smarter and not Harder by embracing Cutting Edge Technology to do the Grunt Work for you!

OK, I'm SOLD.... What's the Deal?

As one of our Valued Team Members, you can use the Special Coupon Code below to get a whopping ongoing 25% Discount on EzyMarketer:

Special Coupon Code: RGDICY

Your Sales/Marketing Funnels are managed via an EzyMarketer Account. EzyMarketer is an All-In-One Online Marketing System that Hosts your Websites/Landing Pages/Blogs, Manages your Contacts with a very powerful CRM (Client Relationship Manager) Sends Automatic Emails when prospects opt-in to your Landing Pages, Creates and Sends Newsletters, Manages your Email Accounts and so much more. And the best part is that it is soooo EZY to use. Yup, NO TECH OVERWHELM.... Guaranteed!

EzyMarketer Retails for only $34.97 per Month or $349 per Year

However, by using my Special Coupon Code, the price reduces to ONLY:

$26.22 per Month or $262 per Year

Note: By Subscribing Yearly, you effectively get 2 months for FREE so take advantage of that!


By Subscribing Yearly, you get all 12 Sales Funnels installed in your Account


The Sales Funnels and Pre-Written Autoresponders will be Personalized with your

Contact Details and iCenter Bots etc


You get 12 months use our of Must Have iCenter Investment Tracker

And... You can Start with as little as $1 as EzyMarketer has a $1 Seven Day Trial

One of the unique things that everyone loves about our EzyMarketer Deal is that not only do you get an incredible 25% Ongoing Discount, but they will pay us a Whopping Ongoing 25% Referral Commission too! 

More on that shortly...

"Is This Done For You Sales And Marketing Package Right For Me?"

IF you are wanting to grow your iCenter Business to earn extra CASH or to buy extra iCenter Contracts, then YES, this Done For You Sales and Marketing Package is PERFECT for YOU!

"I'm actually a stock photo but if I was am iCenter Distributor, there's a great chance that I would be completely blown away by these Done For YOU Sales Funnels."

Are You Ready To Get Growing?

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The Key To Success

To become a successful Networker, you need to develop a TEAM of successful Networkers under you. It is all about DUPLICATION. Our stunning Done For YOU Sales Funnels powered by EzyMarketer’s WebBuilder can help you do that! You simply plug your Team into our system so they too can be a professional Networker with their own Sales Funnels hosting on their own website.

Look at every Successful Network Marketer, they all have a Great Web Presence with Sales Funnels and of course, a Blog!

With this project we all work together to help each other. If you have ideas on how to improve our Sales Funnels, let us know as the more we help each other, the more we all THRIVE!

So the bottom line is, only $26.22 per Month or $262 per Year with our Discount Coupon Code. Your account will be instantly set up so you can receive your own Discount Coupon Code to give to your TEAM so they too can SAVE a whopping 25% ongoing and YOU will MAKE a whopping 25% ongoing referral commission.

This Is A Perfect Win/Win.... Your TEAM SAVE 25% and YOU MAKE 25% but as we are sure you can appreciate, the real power of this is referring your TEAM to this powerful Marketing System to help them grow their business! After-all, the more you help your TEAM grow their business, the quicker that your business grows too.

Here's to everyone achieving their goals with this great opportunity!

We look forward to welcoming them onboard!

This site is not associated with iCenter. Our Done For YOU Sales Funnels have been created to help you grow your iCenter business but have not been created by iCenter.

iCenter is a trademark of iCenter

REFUND POLICY: We have a very simple Refund Policy. THERE ARE NO REFUNDS! We provide you with everything that we list on this webpage so please ensure that you are happy with the incredible value that we are giving you as ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Meaning: "THERE ARE NO REFUNDS!"

DISCLAIMER: The sales figures or results are not typical and any testimonials are other people's personal experience. We are not implying you’ll duplicate their results. Your results will vary and depend on many factors …including but not limited to your background, experience, and work ethic. All business entails risk as well as massive and consistent effort and action. 

We would LOVE to do Great Business with YOU but it has to be on the understanding that we will do our part with providing your with everything promised on this webpage but what happens from their is totally in your hands. As they say, "You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink!"...

Here is to an awesome business relationship!

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