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OPM buys you time; it enables you do things before you would otherwise be able to do them.
It allows you participate in deals your own resources dont allow you to do.
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It takes the average person many, many years to accumulate
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By utilizing the power of
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Importantly, your personal wealth building is no longer limited to
what you have been able to save and invest from your earned income.

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Must Have Components of a Successful High Ticket Digital Business.

High Ticket Digital Franchise

If your goal  was to make $10,000 profit this month and your product  price point is $30,000. How much could you spend in advertising and still hit your goal?

That’s around $20,000, right? But let’s just say that there are some other costs in there that we are considering. So let’s say that we had $10,000. Remember we said that we are getting leads for $1.00. So that’s 10,000 leads. You get certain amount of leads guaranteed depending on your traffic package.

Automatic Presentation Funnel

The main purpose of the sales funnel in regards to the high ticket digital franchise is it functioning like a filter. we all know that of those 10,000 people most are not going to buy a $30,000 product.   

So what the automated sales presentation will allow us to do with Filter through  those people that are definitely not interested so that we never have to speak to them directly. We let the presentation itself explain enough about our product so that those who are not interested we'll go away and those who are interested will take the next step forward.

Multiple traffic Sources

That’s one thing you’ll always get from me is the truth about this stuff. It can take years just to learn how to create a successful campaign to do that. That could be in just one medium.

Let’s say that you chose google PPC (Pay Per Click) as your advertising method of choice. It could take months to years, just to get consistent results with it.  With that said, You should never ever, ever, never ever….. Did I say never rely on just one source of advertising. Plug into our Advertising Co-op! We have the Biggest Publishers/Advertisers in the World.

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Contact Management System

Wise words and I can tell you that they are absolutely true. I can tell you because I’ve been doing this for years, that there were people who purchased products from me or joined me in business after years of me staying in communication with them via email.

In other words, maybe they watched some sort of presentation that I had created about some product or service. Maybe the time wasn’t right for them, but I stayed in touch.

Phone Closing Skills

What would you say if I told you that, if you have no idea to have the right kind of conversation that you may not make one sale and will have blown $10,000 in advertising with nothing to show for it?

Now, what if I told you that I know and work with people who can convert high ticket sales at almost 50%?

What if I told you that they are already here and are ready to do that for you? What would you say then?

Secure Payment Method

The first two of those can be a problem. Generally, the evil merchant banks don’t like digital franchises, so what happens is they will accept you, but they charge you a higher fee per transaction. If you look at the cost of that over time and volume it can add up pretty quick.

If you do build up a reputation with the bank over several months showing a good track record. In some cases they will make exceptions and bring your rates back down.

The good thing is that you don’t have to worry about any of that because we have a solution which I’ll share with you in a minute. .

To Learn More Schedule a Call with Your Coach... CryptoLove.life

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** ONE WARNING ** when they call you at the time you choose,
have pen and paper ready for notes. When an 8 figure earner speaks and
you have the desire to be successful..YOU LISTEN!

You deserve to be as successful as you want, happy, healthy, to feel the whole, complete and abundant being that you are. That's your birthright. Be bold enough to listen to your heart, and more so, to follow it. Your heart has always known exactly who you are, what you are made of and what you are made for. Your heart has always known that you were meant for so much more and you deserve to live feeling free. Start listening to your heart. It has always known the way.