ATTENTION: If you make a deposit and you are not satisfied with 
the performance of the bot you can ask for a refund of your deposit. See Refund Policy Below. Happy Earnings! :)

Welcome to the Best Bot to Grow Your Crypto Portfolio Daily & Safely Long Term

What To Do Now?

Complete The Following Simple Steps:

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Step 1
Install Telegram App

You must Download & Install the Telegram App to your Phone first via the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

You can then install Telegram on your Computer if you wish.

Click Here to Download Telegram to your Computer.

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Step 2
Install The Bot <

1. Add Me To Your Telegram Account
When you have installed Telegram Messenger on your Mobile Phone, click on the Search icon and search for krypto_et and add me to your Telegram Account. or simply Click Here to add me

2. Message Me On Telegram
When you have done that, send me a message via Telegram so I can send you the bot link directly to your Telegram Account.

You will then be set up and ready to fund your Bot.

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Step 3
Deposit, Profit & Withdraw!


Upon completion of the investment procedure, you will receive the interest every 6 hours from the time of your deposit. Congratulations, you started making profits! 

Max Profit for withdraws is calculated off the total amount of DEPOSITs. You will need to deposit more to cashout if you reach the limit. Currently set at 150% Current rates are 1.15% for 99 days on all coins. Subject to go up with market, but never below the 1.15%
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The Tardus Multi-Coin Bot took over three months to set up and officially launched on 25 January at 0600 GMT+1.

The VPS instance and database are cloud based in Valletta, Malta. This is for their friendliness towards the crypto community.

There is no office. There is no website as of yet. There is no calling the owner, unless you have my number like several do. There are no papers. There are no official or unofficial partners.

It is primarily funded from Exchange, Forex and Arbitrage bots then supported more by sources showing promise and income. Not all will be perfect yet we try to find the most stable and paying sources we can.

This is long term. You put in some here and there as you go along. This is NOT account stacking friendly, NOT commission only friendly, NOT deposit once and reinvest for a year friendly. This WILL be a max profit based on deposit based, WILL be a commission auto invested based.

There is a risk, as with anything you do. Everything will be done to protect your “seed” and if anything becomes aware to me, then it’ll become aware to you as well. See the Disclaimer for more.

Bot link <

Official Support Group: @Tardus_Official_Support

News/Sources of Revenue go here. @Tardus_News

Trades and screens from those without API connections go here

Check the payment proof channel here. @Tardus_PayProof


Do You Want To Take Your Crypto Business To The Next Level?

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Step 4
Join Our Marketing Team

 ** Optional But Highly Recommended **
Get a free copy of this team site with your own domain and info-links!

If you are serious about building a great Crypto Business, then we invite you to join our Exclusive Done For You Marketing Team.

Click On The "Marketing Kit" Tab On The Top Menu For More Information.

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Step 5
Share With Your Friends

Tardus Multibot has a very generous Referral Program.
🥇 Level 5%
🥈 Level 3%
🥉 Level 1%
🏅 Level 1%

Note: No recruiting or sponsoring is required to earn the 6 hourly Bot payments on your investment. Also to be noted, Commissions are paid on referral DEPOSITS only. Max Profit for withdraws is calculated off the total amount of DEPOSITs. You will need to deposit more if you reach the limit. Currently set at 150% Current rates are 1.15% for 99 days on all coins. Subject to go up with market, but never below the 1.15%

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Step 6
Reinvest Your Returns

Tardus Multibot has a very unique approach by paying us every 6 hours. That means that we can reinvest up to 4 times per day, 7 days per week and really capitalize on compounding our returns.

Albert Einstein is credited with saying: "Compound Interest is the 8th Wonder of the World... 
He who Understands it EARNS it... 
He who doesn't PAYS it!"

Simply click on the "Reinvest" button on your Bot to Re-invest your Returns.

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:warning: Terms and Conditions - Disclaimer :warning:

Please read this carefully before investing. These rules apply once you start investing in this bot. If you disagree with one or all of them, please don’t invest in this bot.

1⃣ You agree to be of legal age in your country before investing in this bot.

2⃣ You agree that the use of cryptocurrency is legal in your country.

3⃣ No support-chat admin or the bot owner are responsible or liable for any damages, losses and costs resulting from any violation of this conditions, terms and/or use of this bot.

4⃣ You agree that all information, communications and materials shared between the bot, it’s support-chat admins or the owner and you are unsolicited and must be kept private, confidential and protected from any disclosure to any third party.

5⃣ You agree that support-chat admins of this bot have no liability with the way this bot works.

6⃣ You agree that you are well aware that investing in a bot comes with a certain risk. Therefore the only one responsible for the investments made is you.

7⃣ Each deposit is a private transaction between the bot and you. You will deposit only with the currency accepted by the system. We are not responsible for any losses due to the use of another currency than the one accepted by the bot.

8⃣ No support-chat admin will ask you to deposit any currency in a private message.

You only make transactions within the bot, to the address provided by the bot.

9⃣ No support-chat admin will contact you first, if you want a private conversation with an support-chat admin, you have to contact them.

10 Change of rules, commissions, rates and minimum withdraw/deposit amounts of this bot are possible at any time but will be communicated widely.

( i ) Account stacking, if anyone is found to be stacking accounts, their bots will be deleted. Accounts will be refunded minus any gains and commissions made.

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How To Reinvest

Click on the "Reinvest" button on your Bot to Reinvest your Returns.

Both the Returns on your Investment plus Commissions for Referrals are combined into your Balance which can be partially or fully Reinvested.

Note: The video demonstrates how to Reinvest in your LTC Bot. You follow the same instructions to Reinvest in your BTC Tardus MultiBot.

How To Withdraw

Click on the "Withdraw" button on your Bot to Withdraw part or all of your Balance.

Then follow the instructions on the Bot to set your Withdrawal Address.

Note: The video demonstrates how to Withdraw from your LTC Bot. You follow the same instructions to Withdraw from your Tardus MultiBot.

How To Get Referral Link

Follow the simple Step-By-Step instructions in the video above. Note video refers to different bot as example.

Do not forget to get your Referral Link:
1. Tardus MultiBot

Note: The video demonstrates how to get your LTC & BTC Referral Links using another bot only as example. You simply do exactly the same thing to get your Tardus MultiBot Referral Link.

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$1 Pay It Forward Campaign

The concept of this Campaign is to give people $1 of Litecoin for FREE so they can see how it works. It is an awesome prospecting tool to build your Crypto Business. Offer everyone that you speak with $1 of FREE Litecoin. You will be amazed at how many people are interested in knowing more. Facebook is a great place to use this Campaign!

Click On The "Grow Your Business" Tab On The Top Menu For "Step-By-Step Instructions"


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Q1. How does the Tardus MultiBot Work?
A1. The bot pays 0.28% on your deposit every 6 hours, for a total of 1.15% daily for 99 days. When you deposit or re-deposit, you start a new 99 day contract. Every time you are paid, you receive some interest and some principal so at the end of the 99 days, you will have been paid in full. To take full advantage of the opportunity is to compound your interest up to 4 times a day. You can  re-deposit every time your balance gets to 0.1. You can re-deposit or withdraw any time your balance gets to 01.

Q.2 Where are Our Funds Invested?
A.2 Tardus Multibot diversifies our funds into different Crypto Platforms such as Trading and Mining as well as Forex Trading and Arbitrage. Always on the lookout to enhance revenue partners.

Q3. Is This a Ponzi Scheme ?

A3. No. Honestly no members are needed. business model was already working solo.

Q4. I can not find my Menu Bar, what do I do?

A.4 On the right of the message box you will find a square icon with 4 dots. Click on it and the Menu will reappear.

Q5. My Balance is not Updating, what do I do?

A5. Click on your Balance and it will update. If it doesn't, restart the Bot.

Q6. My Bot seems to have Frozen, how do I restart it?

A6. Type /start in the Message Bar and hit Enter

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